Friday, December 2, 2016

Me at the Malaysian Inter State Chess Championship 2016 - Part 2

I will cherish the moment at the Malaysian Inter State Chess Championship 2016 held at MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan Pahang. There are six teams took part in the Women category playing in a round robin format and fourteen teams in the Open category playing in a six-round-SWISS format. 

The venue of the championship which is MS Garden Hotel is great. The opening ceremony, officiated by the Highness Tengku Mahkota Pahang, was superb. Kudos and Salute to all especially PCP (Persatuan Catur Pahang) who made the event successful.

Nice MS Garden Hotel room

Thank You Allah, with 10 match points our team emerged as the champion and four of its players won Gold medal in the Best Board category. Pulau Pinang and Johor won the First Runner UP and Second Runner Up respectively.

Ranking crosstable - URL

Selangor Team results - URL

The complete results and pairings can be accessed at

Negeri Selangor Women Team - 2016 MISCC Women category Champion
from most left (Nabila, Rifqah, Kak Roslina) and from most right, Esther, Me
Me receiving the Gold medal for Best Board 

The Negeri Selangor Men's team won the First Runner Up. 

Me at the Malaysian Inter State Chess Championship 2016 - Part 1

Last weekend I played for Negeri Selangor team in the Malaysian Inter State Chess Championship held at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan Pahang. My team mates are Nur Nabila, Puteri Rifqah my KUSESS school mate, Roslina Marmono and Esther Tang. 

Me at the most right

The opening ceremony was officiated by the Highness Tengku Mahkota Pahang (TMP). It is good for the Malaysian chess community when a royal family member appreciates the game of chess.

Meet session with TMP

The Malaysian chess community are surely happy when Datuk Mohd Nazifuddin, the PM's son, has promised to bring Chess into SUKMA. I did not realized when he was standing on my back watching shortly one of my games. Datuk Nazif has showed his commitment to the chess community by spending much of his time in the tournament hall.

Datuk Nazif standing behind me

Below are the photos during Round 3 where Selangor played against Putrajaya on Table 3.

Round 3 - Selangor vs Putrajaya

Iqa (left), Esther (right)

Me on the right at Board 4

Below are the photos during Round 5 where Selangor played against Pahang B on Table 2.

Final Round - Selangor versus Pahang B

Puteri Rifqah aka Iqa on 2nd Board

Me on 4th Board (right) and Esther on 3rd Board (left)

Nabila aka Biela as our team captain on 1st Board

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

KARISMA 2016 Chess at UiTM Machang Kelantan

My first sem has just completed. My last exam was on 15/10/2016. After the exam I went straight Balik Kampung coz on Sunday, 16/10/2016, my cousin had Engagement Ceremony. On Sunday night, I arrived home at Shah Alam. Having two-day rest, I went back to college. 

I had chess practice and training as the preparation for KARISMA 2016 held in Machang Kelantan from 27th until 30th October. I represent UiTM Perak for the first time in KARISMA ie Inter-UiTM sports festival.

UiTM Perak Karisma 2016 Chess Team

Below are the chess players who represent UiTM Perak in KARISMA 2016.

Muhd Wazir Zaharuddin
Muhd Firdaus Zakaria
Afiq Izzudin Rosdi
Fauzan Mohd Sofi

Anis Fariha Saleh
Musfirah Nor Azmi
Nur Ezzati Mohd Razif
Nur Faizah Marjan

The Results

UiTM Perak KARISMA 2016 Chess Team managed to win one Silver medal and one Bronze medal. 

Below are the photos of the winners for Women category in both Individual and Team events. The photos are from Encik Muhammad Arshad's fb collection.

For the photos of the winners for Men category, please go to my elder brother's blog here.

Individual Event

Top 10 Final Ranking - chess-results

Gold medal - Nur Nabila (UiTM Selangor)

Silver medal - Me (UiTM Perak)

Bronze medal - Nur Arafah Abdullah (UiTM Selangor)

Bronze medal - Nur Farihah (UiTM Shah Alam)

Team Event

Team event Winners - chess-results

Gold medal - UiTM Selangor

Silver medal - UiTM Shah Alam

Bronze medal - my team, UiTM Perak

Bronze medal - UiTM Kelantan

For the Team event, the winners are determined by the total individual points for each UiTM team members. The UiTM Perak women chess team managed to score 19 points, trailing the Gold medalist, UiTM Selangor and UiTM Shah Alam 2 and 1.5 points respectively.

The full results for KARISMA 2016 can be accessed at :

Congratulation to all the winners! See again in KARISMA 2017.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Believe it or not, last weekend I took part in a chess tournament which was held at my school. At first I did not want to take part. SPM is less than 10 days you know. 

Finally, what the heck. It is my last year at KUSESS. So, I took part not only in the Team event but also in the Individual event. I knew my performance would not be that good. The last time I participated in a chess tournament is MSSM chess championship in last June.

Do you know what? 

Alhamdulillah, I had four wins and my team, KUSESS BERLIAN, emerged as the champion in the Secondary School (Under 18) category. 

from left Iqa, myself, the Principal, Azam and Jiha

KUSESS Berlian team performance

The Top 10 Final Ranking 
In the first round, my team played against SMACH or Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang. And in the second round, my team's opponent is  a team from KUSESS. We won convincingly with 4 - 0 in both rounds.

KUSESS Berlian Board Pairings - R1 & R2

The good performance continued in the third round when my team played another team from Kelantan. The team is from Sekolah Menengah Sains Faris Petra. Unlike SMACH which has one female player, the team is all male players. My team won 4 - 0.

In the fourth round, I lost to my opponent playing black while all my team mates won theirs. Up to now, my team collected 8 match points and 15 game points.

KUSESS Berlian Board Pairings - R3 & R4

In the fifth round, I played my toughest match against the Top Malaysian player (based on latest FIDE rating), Yeoh Li Tian, whom is also my MSS Selangor team mate. He represented his school's first team called CHS Team A. My team and the team drew when my team's fourth board also lost her opponent. 

In the final round, my team is matched up against CHS Team B. We won convincingly. Since CHS Team A drew its final round, my team had emerged as the champion after collecting 11 match points one more than CHS Team A and SMACH.

KUSESS Berlian Board Pairings - R5 & R6

In the Individual event, I won six and lost two. The defeat in the final round is very costly for me. Had I won, I would be in the Top 10 Final Ranking. I was too eager to win and not noticing a check mate. 

Forget about it. I have to focus on my SPM exam now which will start on Monday, 2nd November 2015. 

Wish me All the Best for my SPM exam!

My Individual Event results

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sayonara MSSM!

The MSSM chess championship 2015 Edition had just been concluded. It will be my last MSSM. I had been participated in seven (7) editions beginning from 2009 Edition in Selangor.

I played in the Team event for the first five editions. And I played in the Individual event for last two editions. So, am I among the medal recipients?

Alhamdulillah, I emerged as the first Runner Up meaning I won the Silver medal. Now, I have to focus on SPM. 

P18 Individual category - The Top 3 medalists
Click here for full ranking list 

Yi Ning (Gold medal), Me (Silver medal) & Nur Sabrina Aliya (Bronze medal)

Me and my baby brother, Fahim


Friday, June 5, 2015

My Final MSSM

Friday, 5th June 2015

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 Edition will be my final. I will sit for my SPM in November this year. And Insha Allah, next year I will start my college life. 

Today, me and the MSS Selangor chess contingent is going to Penang, the host for 2015 Edition. Below are several pictures taken during the Flag Giving ceremony held at JPN Selangor.

Wish me luck!

2015 MSSM Chess Championship banner

JPN Selangor officials

me with 2015 MSS Selangor chess team

MSSM 2015 Penang, here I come!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

SAYONARA Kejohanan Catur MSSS!

Thursday, 23rd April 2015

MSS Selangor Chess Championship for 2015 Edition is held from 20th to 23rd April 2015 in Kuala Kubu Bharu. The final round was held this morning. It will be my final MSSS chess championship. I have participated in the MSSS championship since 2009. 

The banner

For 2009 and 2010 Editions, I represented the PPD Petaling Perdana since my primary school, SK Bukit Jelutong, is in the PPD. Then in 2011, I began to represent PPD Kuala Selangor in the MSSS. The 2015 Edition is my fifth.

I emerge the 1st Runner Up in the Individual category for the Under 18 Girls section. Me and three other PPD Kuala Selangor P18 team mates is declared as the champion in the Team category. 

Below are several photos of me taken during and after the prize giving ceremony. 

Individual - Silver medal, Team - Gold medal

Me and the KUSSESians

Me and my very supportive dad
So, Sayonara MSSS! 

I will always cherish the sweet and bitter moments and experience while taking part in seven (7) consecutive MSSS chess championships.