Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sayonara MSSM!

The MSSM chess championship 2015 Edition had just been concluded. It will be my last MSSM. I had been participated in seven (7) editions beginning from 2009 Edition in Selangor.

I played in the Team event for the first five editions. And I played in the Individual event for last two editions. So, am I among the medal recipients?

Alhamdulillah, I emerged as the first Runner Up meaning I won the Silver medal. Now, I have to focus on SPM. 

P18 Individual category - The Top 3 medalists
Click here for full ranking list 

Yi Ning (Gold medal), Me (Silver medal) & Nur Sabrina Aliya (Bronze medal)

Me and my baby brother, Fahim


Friday, June 5, 2015

My Final MSSM

Friday, 5th June 2015

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 Edition will be my final. I will sit for my SPM in November this year. And Insha Allah, next year I will start my college life. 

Today, me and the MSS Selangor chess contingent is going to Penang, the host for 2015 Edition. Below are several pictures taken during the Flag Giving ceremony held at JPN Selangor.

Wish me luck!

2015 MSSM Chess Championship banner

JPN Selangor officials

me with 2015 MSS Selangor chess team

MSSM 2015 Penang, here I come!