Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The First Tournament In 2012

The first tournament in the new 2012 year for Anis is Negeri Sembilan Open Under 18. Four of her school mates participated as well in the tournament.

5 KUSESSians took part in the tourney

There were more than 120 participants (among highest number of participants for a U18 tournament) aged between 13 and 18 years old too part in the tournament held on Saturday, 7th January at the Seremban Parade shopping complex. The time control is 20 and 25 minutes per player and the number of rounds is 7. 

Seeded ninth, Anis played white against Mohd Nazrul in the first round. In the second round, she played black against an opponent name Kahilan a/l Anathan. She continued her winning streak in the third round when played against the only girl opponent. Amazingly, her name is Anis too. Her full name is Anis Humaira Mohd Fuzi. 

Round 1 - Anis vs Mohd Nazrul

Round 2 - Kahilan vs Anis

The real challenge is in the fourth round. He had to face the top seed, Mohd Nabil Azman who is also her chess buddy's elder brother. It was the first defeat for Anis. 

Round 4 - Nabil vs Anis at the top board

In the next three rounds, Anis won two of them. In the sixth round, she lost on time to Muhd Rafiq Misman playing black. For sure, Anis does not know that Rafiq represented Melaka in the last MSSM in L18 individual category. And his latest rating is 1346. It seems that Rafiq himself does not know his latest rating because 1259 was listed in the tournament's starting list. 

Round 5 - Chin hao Zac vs Anis

Round 6 - Rafiq vs Anis

Round 7 - Jegadeshwaran vs Anis

Anis scored 5/7 points with sixteen other players. Due to second lowest tie break among the five pointers, Anis was placed 24th. Surely, the tournament is very competitive and is good for most of the players for the MSS chess competition.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Good Start To Increase FIDE Rating in 2012

Anis got her FIDE rating in July 2011. Her rating then was 1588. She played six rated players from two tournaments in December. She gained 6.9 points and her new FIDE rating is 1565. Hopefully in 2012 Anis will play more rated players and gain more rating points.

In the Penang Open, Anis just played only one rated player. Even though her opponent has lower rating Anis lost the match. It shows that her Singaporean opponent is under rated and strong. For that loss, Anis lost more than 14 points.

In the NJCC, Anis played five rated players. She drew four games including to Najiha and Camilia and lost one to the eventual winner, Nabila. She gain 21.30 points from the tournament whe she was placed fourth. Calculate the ratings for both tourneys, Anis gained 6.90 points for January 2012.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back 2 School for 2012 Session

Yesterday 2nd January, Anis went back to her school. Her parents and siblings - abang and adik, sent her to Kuala Selangor to begin the 2012 schooling session.

Class 2M in 2012

This year, Anis is in Siantan 2 Dorm. She was given bed and locker number 18. Her dorm consists of 6 Five and Two Formers, 5 Three Formers and 3 Four Formers. Among her Form 2 mates in her dorm, only one of them is her classmate.

The left side of Siantan 2 Dorm

Putting the stuffs into the locker.

Anis is so happy to get "lower" bed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's the end of the year,
Where everyone celebrates a cheer,
How they survived 2011,
How they hope 2012 will be much more better.

Everyone has had a bad year,
A good year,
Or a bad and good year,
But they all hope 2012 will be amazing.

People hope that unemployment will come through,
That they could get a job or a promotion,
Or that they will find true love,
Or get married or have children in 2012.

I hope everyone gets what they want,
And I hope that it all works out dandy,
We had a good and or bad year 2011,
But I hope everyone has a great New Year.

Woah! it's already 2012? well Happy New Year's guys =,= theres a lot of memory of 2011.2011 was my form 1 year.Banyak kenangan manis and pahit at KUSESS.Eventhuogh form 1 kena buat banyak kerja seperti susun kerusi for perhimpunan Isnin and persekitaran.Semua itu adalah lumrah kehidupan sebagai form 1.I'm sure sekolah lain pon pasti ada menyuruh budak form 1 buat kerja but that is all a sweet memory of form 1.Oh I forgot! just nak saying congratz to abang sebab dapat achieve 8A 1B.It's a good result abang =).Hope you will get to KUSESS with me.Well got to pack sebab besoknya kena balik asrama.Toodles.