Saturday, July 14, 2012

What is KaSUGI?

It had been more than three weeks that I had not played in a chess tournament. Today, with three other my school mates, I take part in the KaSUGI team chess championship held at Cititel Express Hotel. Actually, there are two categories - Open and Junior. My team takes part in the latter category.

After Round 4, my team is ranked fourth. I am so jealous that my elder brother's team, Undefined FC, is the leader. As you can see in below picture, my score is 2/4 points. Not that good eh. I need to improve my game tomorrow so that I can contribute points to my team.

Round 1

Round 2 against Kedah Jaffolea Jr team

Round 3 versus Selangor Generasi 11 team

Round 4 playing over Selangor Generasi 10 team

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 23, 2012

On 7th April, I took part in the 11th edition of the Klang Parade Chess Open with my two brothers. I was in the same category as my elder bro which is Under 18. While my little bro was playing in Under 12 category. 

Oh by the way, it was an important day to my family especially my dad. It is his 44th birthday. 

So, how was my performance in this tournament? As you can see in the Top 10 Final Ranking below, I scored 4/6 points after winning four games. I was defeated twice including by my elder bro in the final round.

Round 1

Round 3

Round 4 against Chan Sheng Yip, the eventual champion

Round 5

Top 10 Final Ranking U18 ...

Monday, March 12, 2012

NAG 2012 - The First Day (The Photo Gallery)

Check out the following photo gallery for the Under 14 Girls category in the first day.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

NAG 2012 - The First Day (Pairings and Results)

Twenty four (24) participants registered in the age group in which Anis participated. The top seed who is also the defending champion is WNM Tan Li Ting, a KL MSSM chess player. Anis is seeded fourth, one rank below WFM Nur Najiha and one rank above Ee Sun-Xin. Both Najiha and Sun-Xin are her Selangor MSSM chess team mates.

source : here
In Round 1, all the higher seeded players won over their respective lower-rated opponents. No draw in this round. Anis played black against Fong Mi Lyn from Perak. She is the younger sister of WNM Fong Mi Yen and the daughter of Mr Eddy Fong. It was not an easy win. 

source : here
In Round 2, only Najiha on the third board registered a win while the other four Top 5 boards had different results. Both Li Ting and Camilia were held to a draw by their respective opponents. At the top board, Nur Sabrina from Pahang managed to draw with Li Ting. While Camilia drew with Chuah Yi Ning from Penang.

Both Anis and Sun-Xin lost their games to their respective opponents. Playing white, Anis was defeated by a N9 player named Jessica Augustine while Sun-Xin was defeated by her KL opponent, Rosamund Koo.

source : here

Entering the third round played at 4.30pm, only four players were with full 2/2 points. Rosamund Koo challenged Najiha at the top board. While Jessica was paired against Jia Yun from Penang. Both Najiha and Jia Yun won their respective matches. Li Ting had been paired with her KL MSSM team mate, Camilia. Their match ended in a draw. Meanwhile, Yi Ning of Penang won her match against Nur Sabrina of Pahang.  

With black pieces, Anis won against her opponent named Wong Zi Qi. While Sun-Xin was held to a draw by her opponent, Nur Syahirah.

source : here
In the fourth round to be played tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock, Jia Yun will challenge Najiha at the top board. The former will play white while the latter will play black. Who will win this match? Anis will play white at the second board against another Penang player, Chuah Yi Ning who has 2.5/3 points. Can Anis win her fourth round to improve her chance to be among the winners?

source : here
Let's wait for the results tomorrow.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NAG 2012

It is the first school midterm break. The break starts from today until Sunday, 18th March. The midterm for Anis started one day earlier because her school will be the host for a SBP program.

Some school children go for holidays either local or overseas. Some others go back to their kampungs. Some others have camps to attend. But for Anis, she has a chess tournament to participate besides lots of homework to be completed. The tournament is called NAG or National Age Group. It will be held for three days from Sunday, 11th until Tuesday, 13th March.

Anis will compete in Under 14 Girls age group. She did not take part in last year edition. She will play eight rounds of 45-minute per player. 

Do you want to know the list of her probable opponents? Check out the following starting list for U14 Girls age group category.

NAG 2012 U14G Participation List
source : Mr Hamid Majid

With national rating of 1791, WNM Tan Li Ting is seeded first. She is also the defending champion. Her toughest challenger should be WFM Nur Najiha Azman Hisham who is the third seed with national rating of 1722. 

Seeded fourth with national rating of 1601, Anis has a very tough challenge in the age group category. Can she be among the top four winners? Can Li Ting defend her crown as the champion? Or can Najiha become the new champion? 

It looks that it is between KL and Selangor fight for honour in this age group category as obviously shown by the top 5 seeding in the above list. KL has Li Ting and Camelia while Selangor has Najiha in addition (from U12 age group) to Anis and her MSSM team mate Sun-Xin. 

OR can Penang, Pahang, Perak, N9 or even Kelantan that is represented by five players challenge KL and Selangor? Surely, the Malaysian chess community would like to know and follow the updates. 

Notably missing in the list is Siti Aisyah Sabirin from Terengganu.

The first round will start tomorrow at 10.30am. BEST of LUCK to all the participants!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The 2nd Tournament In 2012 - 1st KLK Leg at SMK Clifford, Kuala Kangsar

On 12th February 2012, Anis went to Kuala Kangsar, the royal town of Perak. It is three-hours car drive from Shah Alam. It was a hectic weekend because Anis had to go to school on Saturday 11th. After the school, her was fetched from hostel by her parents arriving home late in the afternoon.

Then, on early Sunday morning she need to wake up early to go to Kuala Kangsar. Anis was taking part on the third edition of 1st KLK Leg held at SMK Clifford, one of the oldest schools in the country.

There were three categories in the chess tournament. Anis participated in the Under 16 category who had attracted more than 170 participants including a big contingent from SMKA Slim River. It was a little bit pressure for her for being the top seed.

Anis collected 7 points out of the total 8 rounds. Having better tie breaks than two other 7 pointers, Anis was declared the first runner up receiving one hundred ringgits money prize.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8, against an opponent from SMKA Slim River 

Anis, among the winners

1st runner up, U16 category

The Top 25 Final Ranking of U16 category

Monday, February 6, 2012

Look What I Found!?!

Hey yo all! :) dah lama Anis tak update blog,right? so hari ni saja je la nak update.Hari ni kami sekeluarga takde pergi mana-mana pon kecuali duduk rumah dan mengemas stor kami.Pelik ke? apsal tiba-tiba Anis cerita pasal mengemas stor pon nak cerita,kan? takde la Anis just terjumpa barang-barang lama sepert di bawah...


Mesin taip!?!

Hebat tak? ini adalah mesin taip ibu pada waktu di maktab dulu.Waktu ibu keluarkannya dari sebuah beg,Anis gembira sangat sebab dapat tengok barang yang lama.Mesin taip ni agak berat dan untuk mentaip perlu banyak bersabar dan mesti teliti agar tidak melakukan kesilapan.Kalau tidak akan membazir kertas.Nasib baik masih ada ink lagi so boleh la taip.Ibu kata inknya dah takde jual dah.

Sebelum wujudnya koputer,inilah yang digunakan pada waktu dulu-dulu.Ibu ajarkan Anis cara nak gunakannya dan Anis sekarang ni dah mahir gunakannya :).Anis tak tersangka dapat jumpa barang macam ni hanya dekat stor rumah je sebab selalunya mesti barang yang lama-lama ni ibu dan ayah simpan kat kampung.

Hehe..bawah ni adalah kangaroo yang ayah beli kat Australia.Ayah dulu-dulu selalu pergi overseas dan suka belikan Anis teddy bear.Memandangkan Anis seorang je anak perempuannya (^.^).Terdapat banyak lagi teddy bear dalam stor yang telah dibersihkan.

 Ngee..siap ada anak sekali!

Bawah ini adalah baju akad nikah ibu.Ibu telah memberinya kepada Anis.Anis happy sangat dapat baju tu.Bajunya agak lawa dan simple je.Biasa la orang dulu-dulu,kan?


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The First Tournament In 2012

The first tournament in the new 2012 year for Anis is Negeri Sembilan Open Under 18. Four of her school mates participated as well in the tournament.

5 KUSESSians took part in the tourney

There were more than 120 participants (among highest number of participants for a U18 tournament) aged between 13 and 18 years old too part in the tournament held on Saturday, 7th January at the Seremban Parade shopping complex. The time control is 20 and 25 minutes per player and the number of rounds is 7. 

Seeded ninth, Anis played white against Mohd Nazrul in the first round. In the second round, she played black against an opponent name Kahilan a/l Anathan. She continued her winning streak in the third round when played against the only girl opponent. Amazingly, her name is Anis too. Her full name is Anis Humaira Mohd Fuzi. 

Round 1 - Anis vs Mohd Nazrul

Round 2 - Kahilan vs Anis

The real challenge is in the fourth round. He had to face the top seed, Mohd Nabil Azman who is also her chess buddy's elder brother. It was the first defeat for Anis. 

Round 4 - Nabil vs Anis at the top board

In the next three rounds, Anis won two of them. In the sixth round, she lost on time to Muhd Rafiq Misman playing black. For sure, Anis does not know that Rafiq represented Melaka in the last MSSM in L18 individual category. And his latest rating is 1346. It seems that Rafiq himself does not know his latest rating because 1259 was listed in the tournament's starting list. 

Round 5 - Chin hao Zac vs Anis

Round 6 - Rafiq vs Anis

Round 7 - Jegadeshwaran vs Anis

Anis scored 5/7 points with sixteen other players. Due to second lowest tie break among the five pointers, Anis was placed 24th. Surely, the tournament is very competitive and is good for most of the players for the MSS chess competition.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Good Start To Increase FIDE Rating in 2012

Anis got her FIDE rating in July 2011. Her rating then was 1588. She played six rated players from two tournaments in December. She gained 6.9 points and her new FIDE rating is 1565. Hopefully in 2012 Anis will play more rated players and gain more rating points.

In the Penang Open, Anis just played only one rated player. Even though her opponent has lower rating Anis lost the match. It shows that her Singaporean opponent is under rated and strong. For that loss, Anis lost more than 14 points.

In the NJCC, Anis played five rated players. She drew four games including to Najiha and Camilia and lost one to the eventual winner, Nabila. She gain 21.30 points from the tournament whe she was placed fourth. Calculate the ratings for both tourneys, Anis gained 6.90 points for January 2012.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back 2 School for 2012 Session

Yesterday 2nd January, Anis went back to her school. Her parents and siblings - abang and adik, sent her to Kuala Selangor to begin the 2012 schooling session.

Class 2M in 2012

This year, Anis is in Siantan 2 Dorm. She was given bed and locker number 18. Her dorm consists of 6 Five and Two Formers, 5 Three Formers and 3 Four Formers. Among her Form 2 mates in her dorm, only one of them is her classmate.

The left side of Siantan 2 Dorm

Putting the stuffs into the locker.

Anis is so happy to get "lower" bed.