Monday, March 12, 2012

NAG 2012 - The First Day (Pairings and Results)

Twenty four (24) participants registered in the age group in which Anis participated. The top seed who is also the defending champion is WNM Tan Li Ting, a KL MSSM chess player. Anis is seeded fourth, one rank below WFM Nur Najiha and one rank above Ee Sun-Xin. Both Najiha and Sun-Xin are her Selangor MSSM chess team mates.

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In Round 1, all the higher seeded players won over their respective lower-rated opponents. No draw in this round. Anis played black against Fong Mi Lyn from Perak. She is the younger sister of WNM Fong Mi Yen and the daughter of Mr Eddy Fong. It was not an easy win. 

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In Round 2, only Najiha on the third board registered a win while the other four Top 5 boards had different results. Both Li Ting and Camilia were held to a draw by their respective opponents. At the top board, Nur Sabrina from Pahang managed to draw with Li Ting. While Camilia drew with Chuah Yi Ning from Penang.

Both Anis and Sun-Xin lost their games to their respective opponents. Playing white, Anis was defeated by a N9 player named Jessica Augustine while Sun-Xin was defeated by her KL opponent, Rosamund Koo.

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Entering the third round played at 4.30pm, only four players were with full 2/2 points. Rosamund Koo challenged Najiha at the top board. While Jessica was paired against Jia Yun from Penang. Both Najiha and Jia Yun won their respective matches. Li Ting had been paired with her KL MSSM team mate, Camilia. Their match ended in a draw. Meanwhile, Yi Ning of Penang won her match against Nur Sabrina of Pahang.  

With black pieces, Anis won against her opponent named Wong Zi Qi. While Sun-Xin was held to a draw by her opponent, Nur Syahirah.

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In the fourth round to be played tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock, Jia Yun will challenge Najiha at the top board. The former will play white while the latter will play black. Who will win this match? Anis will play white at the second board against another Penang player, Chuah Yi Ning who has 2.5/3 points. Can Anis win her fourth round to improve her chance to be among the winners?

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Let's wait for the results tomorrow.

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