Monday, February 18, 2013

MSSS Chess Championship - Round 1

Round 1 of the MSSS chess championship kicked off about three hours ago. I am playing in the Under 15 Girls category or simply P15. It will be my last outing in this category since next year I will be 16 years old. Wow! I was playing at the top board instead of Najiha or Puteri Rifqah who have higher ratings than me. The reason is that I was the first runner up last year. Since the last year champion in this category, Nabila, moves up to P18 category, I am the top seed in the P15 category this year. 

Do you notice how many ANIS playing in the P15 category this year? Do you also notice that I was paired against another "Anis" in the first round as the below pairing? My opponent was Anis Aliefa Mohd Aznor from PPD Petaling Perdana. Hey, do you also notice that another "Anis" pair was matched up in the last board. Anis Zuhairah Samudi of PPD Sabak Bernam versus my team mate, Anis Nabila Ahmad Zuhdi of PPD Kuala Selangor. What a pairing,  rite? 

Round 1

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