Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Believe it or not, last weekend I took part in a chess tournament which was held at my school. At first I did not want to take part. SPM is less than 10 days you know. 

Finally, what the heck. It is my last year at KUSESS. So, I took part not only in the Team event but also in the Individual event. I knew my performance would not be that good. The last time I participated in a chess tournament is MSSM chess championship in last June.

Do you know what? 

Alhamdulillah, I had four wins and my team, KUSESS BERLIAN, emerged as the champion in the Secondary School (Under 18) category. 

from left Iqa, myself, the Principal, Azam and Jiha

KUSESS Berlian team performance

The Top 10 Final Ranking 
In the first round, my team played against SMACH or Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang. And in the second round, my team's opponent is  a team from KUSESS. We won convincingly with 4 - 0 in both rounds.

KUSESS Berlian Board Pairings - R1 & R2

The good performance continued in the third round when my team played another team from Kelantan. The team is from Sekolah Menengah Sains Faris Petra. Unlike SMACH which has one female player, the team is all male players. My team won 4 - 0.

In the fourth round, I lost to my opponent playing black while all my team mates won theirs. Up to now, my team collected 8 match points and 15 game points.

KUSESS Berlian Board Pairings - R3 & R4

In the fifth round, I played my toughest match against the Top Malaysian player (based on latest FIDE rating), Yeoh Li Tian, whom is also my MSS Selangor team mate. He represented his school's first team called CHS Team A. My team and the team drew when my team's fourth board also lost her opponent. 

In the final round, my team is matched up against CHS Team B. We won convincingly. Since CHS Team A drew its final round, my team had emerged as the champion after collecting 11 match points one more than CHS Team A and SMACH.

KUSESS Berlian Board Pairings - R5 & R6

In the Individual event, I won six and lost two. The defeat in the final round is very costly for me. Had I won, I would be in the Top 10 Final Ranking. I was too eager to win and not noticing a check mate. 

Forget about it. I have to focus on my SPM exam now which will start on Monday, 2nd November 2015. 

Wish me All the Best for my SPM exam!

My Individual Event results

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