Wednesday, November 2, 2016

KARISMA 2016 Chess at UiTM Machang Kelantan

My first sem has just completed. My last exam was on 15/10/2016. After the exam I went straight Balik Kampung coz on Sunday, 16/10/2016, my cousin had Engagement Ceremony. On Sunday night, I arrived home at Shah Alam. Having two-day rest, I went back to college. 

I had chess practice and training as the preparation for KARISMA 2016 held in Machang Kelantan from 27th until 30th October. I represent UiTM Perak for the first time in KARISMA ie Inter-UiTM sports festival.

UiTM Perak Karisma 2016 Chess Team

Below are the chess players who represent UiTM Perak in KARISMA 2016.

Muhd Wazir Zaharuddin
Muhd Firdaus Zakaria
Afiq Izzudin Rosdi
Fauzan Mohd Sofi

Anis Fariha Saleh
Musfirah Nor Azmi
Nur Ezzati Mohd Razif
Nur Faizah Marjan

The Results

UiTM Perak KARISMA 2016 Chess Team managed to win one Silver medal and one Bronze medal. 

Below are the photos of the winners for Women category in both Individual and Team events. The photos are from Encik Muhammad Arshad's fb collection.

For the photos of the winners for Men category, please go to my elder brother's blog here.

Individual Event

Top 10 Final Ranking - chess-results

Gold medal - Nur Nabila (UiTM Selangor)

Silver medal - Me (UiTM Perak)

Bronze medal - Nur Arafah Abdullah (UiTM Selangor)

Bronze medal - Nur Farihah (UiTM Shah Alam)

Team Event

Team event Winners - chess-results

Gold medal - UiTM Selangor

Silver medal - UiTM Shah Alam

Bronze medal - my team, UiTM Perak

Bronze medal - UiTM Kelantan

For the Team event, the winners are determined by the total individual points for each UiTM team members. The UiTM Perak women chess team managed to score 19 points, trailing the Gold medalist, UiTM Selangor and UiTM Shah Alam 2 and 1.5 points respectively.

The full results for KARISMA 2016 can be accessed at :

Congratulation to all the winners! See again in KARISMA 2017.


  1. Tahniah!!
    Apa beza Uitm Selangor dan UiTM Shah Alam?

  2. UiTM Shah Alam ni yang kat shah alam tu.... main campus..
    UiTM Selangor ni yang puncak alam tu kot