Friday, December 2, 2016

Me at the Malaysian Inter State Chess Championship 2016 - Part 1

Last weekend I played for Negeri Selangor team in the Malaysian Inter State Chess Championship held at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan Pahang. My team mates are Nur Nabila, Puteri Rifqah my KUSESS school mate, Roslina Marmono and Esther Tang. 

Me at the most right

The opening ceremony was officiated by the Highness Tengku Mahkota Pahang (TMP). It is good for the Malaysian chess community when a royal family member appreciates the game of chess.

Meet session with TMP

The Malaysian chess community are surely happy when Datuk Mohd Nazifuddin, the PM's son, has promised to bring Chess into SUKMA. I did not realized when he was standing on my back watching shortly one of my games. Datuk Nazif has showed his commitment to the chess community by spending much of his time in the tournament hall.

Datuk Nazif standing behind me

Below are the photos during Round 3 where Selangor played against Putrajaya on Table 3.

Round 3 - Selangor vs Putrajaya

Iqa (left), Esther (right)

Me on the right at Board 4

Below are the photos during Round 5 where Selangor played against Pahang B on Table 2.

Final Round - Selangor versus Pahang B

Puteri Rifqah aka Iqa on 2nd Board

Me on 4th Board (right) and Esther on 3rd Board (left)

Nabila aka Biela as our team captain on 1st Board

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