Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's the end of the year,
Where everyone celebrates a cheer,
How they survived 2011,
How they hope 2012 will be much more better.

Everyone has had a bad year,
A good year,
Or a bad and good year,
But they all hope 2012 will be amazing.

People hope that unemployment will come through,
That they could get a job or a promotion,
Or that they will find true love,
Or get married or have children in 2012.

I hope everyone gets what they want,
And I hope that it all works out dandy,
We had a good and or bad year 2011,
But I hope everyone has a great New Year.

Woah! it's already 2012? well Happy New Year's guys =,= theres a lot of memory of 2011.2011 was my form 1 year.Banyak kenangan manis and pahit at KUSESS.Eventhuogh form 1 kena buat banyak kerja seperti susun kerusi for perhimpunan Isnin and persekitaran.Semua itu adalah lumrah kehidupan sebagai form 1.I'm sure sekolah lain pon pasti ada menyuruh budak form 1 buat kerja but that is all a sweet memory of form 1.Oh I forgot! just nak saying congratz to abang sebab dapat achieve 8A 1B.It's a good result abang =).Hope you will get to KUSESS with me.Well got to pack sebab besoknya kena balik asrama.Toodles.

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