Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back 2 School for 2012 Session

Yesterday 2nd January, Anis went back to her school. Her parents and siblings - abang and adik, sent her to Kuala Selangor to begin the 2012 schooling session.

Class 2M in 2012

This year, Anis is in Siantan 2 Dorm. She was given bed and locker number 18. Her dorm consists of 6 Five and Two Formers, 5 Three Formers and 3 Four Formers. Among her Form 2 mates in her dorm, only one of them is her classmate.

The left side of Siantan 2 Dorm

Putting the stuffs into the locker.

Anis is so happy to get "lower" bed.

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