Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Good Start To Increase FIDE Rating in 2012

Anis got her FIDE rating in July 2011. Her rating then was 1588. She played six rated players from two tournaments in December. She gained 6.9 points and her new FIDE rating is 1565. Hopefully in 2012 Anis will play more rated players and gain more rating points.

In the Penang Open, Anis just played only one rated player. Even though her opponent has lower rating Anis lost the match. It shows that her Singaporean opponent is under rated and strong. For that loss, Anis lost more than 14 points.

In the NJCC, Anis played five rated players. She drew four games including to Najiha and Camilia and lost one to the eventual winner, Nabila. She gain 21.30 points from the tournament whe she was placed fourth. Calculate the ratings for both tourneys, Anis gained 6.90 points for January 2012.

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